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Jul 28, 2018
Great post about Heupel’s record on VQ:

2018- 12-1
-Gave LSU all they wanted in NY6 game. Lost 40-32 back when LSU had a sick defense.
-Also lost star QB, Milton McKenzie, last regular season game. Still won conference championship over a really good Memphis team.
-Destroyed Pitt by 5 TDs.
-I don't care what level or talent you have if you go 12-1 against really good conference competition you can coach. That doesn't just happen.

2019- had to play a freshman with no McKenzie and he ate.... went 10-3.
-Beat Stanford by 3 TDs
-Lost to Pitt by 1 @ Pitt who had a stacked NFL player loaded defense and still dropped 34 points losing by 1.
-Lost to a really good Cincy team @ Cincy by a FG
-Lost @ Tulsa by a FG.
-Destroyed Marshall in bowl game by 4 TDs.

Again a freshman QB and averaged 43.3 PPG.

2020- 6-4

-Posters ITT telling me they had around 10 players opt out
-Destroyed Georgia Tech 49-21
-Lost to a really good Tulsa team by a TD. Tulsa lost to Ok State by 9, Miss State by 2 and Cincy by 3.
-Lost to Memphis by 1 point
-Lost to Cincy by 3 who turned out to be a Top 10 team in the country. Scored 33 on that Luke Fickell defense.
-Lost bowl game to a buzzsaw BYU team with a QB who is about to go Top 5.

Averaged 41 PPG.

Can we quit with the garbage that this guy isn't an offensive stud or coach? They play in a really really good conference that is very competitive top to bottom. He lost 3 games by a possession this past year.

If he is the guy we need to give him a blank check for his DC and defensive staff. If I am Heupel I hand the keys to Steele and let him get Garner and T Will and I handle the offense.

The man can fall out of bed and score points just like he did at Missouri when he absolutely put it on our head 2 straight years. He helped turn Milton McKenzie into a Heisman contender. And scored just as much with a freshman QB when McKenzie was lost on one play.

Hilarious we have "fans" trashing this potential hire because all they did was look at a record in a Covid year with no context. And the other reality is this.... Danny White, who prioritizes leadership and culture, watched this guy daily for 3 years. He absolutely has a grasp of what kind of CEO he would be.
Good post! If not being able to hire Freeze or Lane and unable to get a top ten coach to come here in this mess, he sounds like a guy with a lot of potential that will at least be fun to watch while we get straightened out. Butch's offense was let's hope Dobbs does something when the play breaks down. Don't even want to think about Pruitt's offense. Would love to see Baily, Salter, Simpson be in the Heisman talk.


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Dec 30, 2010
You’re crazy to think this fan base will be patient for 10 more years.

Most of them will be long gone by then.
I didn't say anyone would be patient. But patient or not it took awhile to get into this mess and its going to take awhile to get out. Especially with sanctions, probation and scholarship reductions.


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Oct 3, 2014
Does this pass the smell test? ☝️☝️☝️

I mean, isn’t he generally regarded as one of the most innovative play callers in the country?

And I’m not sure I’d envy the task of trying to outmaneuver the Big 3 in Florida + everyone else in SEC & ACC for recruits at UCF.

I mean, he has only lost 8 games in 3 seasons as a head coach; if we’d gone to a bowl game, Pruitt might have matched that total in 1 year...



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Aug 30, 2016
They do seem a little out there with their expectations. And saying his play calling lacks innovation to a fanbase who just endured the worst offense in the history of sports is pretty funny.
Yeah I wouldn’t say his play calling lacks innovation. I’m more worried about his recruiting. Hopefully we can get a decent staff of recruiters. Also hopefully this is all a smokescreen and doesn’t happen. I’m onboard though either way I guess

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Aug 12, 2009
The good. JH took Scott Frost's recruits and did well with them at UCF for a year or so as HC. He took Gary Pinkel's roster at Mizzou and did well with them for two seasons as OC.

The not so good. He took his own Okie offensive recruits down to the point of being fired. He was there 9 seasons, first 4 as QB coach, last 5 as co-OC/QB coach. He took his own UCF recruits with some Frost holdovers and has trended down on W/L while keeping the O scoring high.

There's plenty of history on the guy. He's purely an OC, not really a HC, even on the G5 level. What am I missing? Hire him as an OC, not a HC of a P5 program. I realize we are playing on a G5 level, but we hired an expensive DW to change that.
When he was fired at Okie he had the #20 offense, got hired at Mizzou and after one year had ******* Mizzou at #1...that is impressive as hell.

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