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Oct 3, 2019
Is it? Everything has been "kept quiet", so if Heupel is the hire, how do we know they tried without knowing everyone approached? I can think of a number of coaches I'd have ahead of Heupel that fit the criteria they set forth. Did they approach all of them? I doubt we'll ever know.
Should’ve applied for the job if you wanted to make the hire and/or know details of the search


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Sep 7, 2014
I think the big issue here were fan expectations. Apparently after firing a 3-7 coach for cause due to serious NCAA issues some were expecting General Neyland himself to rise from the dead and resurrect the program.

Im sure we tried, but we weren’t realistically getting a big name hire like Franklin or Campbell to come here right now. Freeze/Kiffin ruled themselves out due to their past decisions.
We could’ve maybe got a former head coach, but not sure any of the recently fired like Malzan wanted to revive their career on this mess.
Then you have smaller schools with some success like Cincinnati, Coastal Carolina, Louisiana or UCF.

I fully trust Danny White to make the best hire of the realistic candidates and wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was the guy he hired the first time around who’s led his team to a 28-8 record.
Obviously, if he's the hire, I hope he kills it.
But Bama sucked, was under sanctions and wrote a big old check to get Saban.
I'm not sure I buy the "no one would come here" as much as I do " no one would come here for what we offered them".


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Nov 24, 2012
Curious where are all the self righteous morons crapping all over Franklin all day? Heupel is trash. His former head coach had to fire him lol.
I wasn't crapping on Franklin all day but I will say this. I did not want Franklin here. Not because he beat us while at Vandy, not because they had players rape a woman while he was there, but simply the fact I don't like him. Those things mentioned doesn't help his case but I do not want him. He is a arrogant, just ok coach in my mind.


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Nov 7, 2007
Doesn’t that make it worst for JH? Has more talent and lost four?
Yes just kind of thinking as I type about it. Milton getting hurt threw things out of wack.
Forced Gabriel to start earlier than expected as a freshman. Maybe he’s able to learn and not develop habits.
Having a GREAT senior QB probably wins a lot of those close games.


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Jan 29, 2009
UCF fan called into uncle lou and said if we hired Heupel we might as well cancel the program. He is a lazy recruiter and simply not good at it. As someone that watches every game, its clear the team is getting worse each year with him. Tennessee does not want him as their head coach.
I will vouch for this as 100% true and I live not even 20 min from UCF and keep up with them. Yes, he has a high power offense but he also won with lots of Frost players. Frost was a better recruiter especially in South Florida area. Florida has talent in every high school in the state and even with the big 3 there is still plenty of talent to go around just like Georgia.

If he keeps Randy Shannon it will help with recruiting but please don't bring Willie Martinez again! Willie can recruit too but terrible DB coach. What I'm trying to say with all the talent in Florida there is no excuse being ranked in the 70's in recruiting. UCF is the largest school in the state and lots to sell so no excuse being lazy and not signing at least a Top 30 class every year at UCF!
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Sep 24, 2009
Tell me more about his offense.
Kingston posted this earlier and it’s a good one

Heupel runs his own take on the Art Briles “veer and shoot” offense. He began to adopt that approach with the 2014 Oklahoma Sooners after seeing Briles’ O first hand, giving QB Trevor Knight RPOs and regular deep shots in order to try and keep defenses from getting enough numbers to the box. It wasn’t widely recognized as a spread-iso system because they spent a good deal of time in 21 personnel from the shotgun, with converted QB Blake Bell as an H-back and working with bruising fullback Aaron Ripkowskiand a massive offensive line.

How close to greatness is UCF’s spread-iso offense?
Oct 26, 2010
As LA Vol put it earlier, this is likely going to be a bridge hire. Maybe it ends up a HR hire but we need this to be at least a double and someone that can get us to 7 or 8 wins annually which should be doable. Then when NCAA sanctions are over and we're in a decent position, we can flash the big money and make the above average hire since we will be much more attractive. Assuming JH can't get us beyond that threshold.

That's how I'm trying to rationalize this. I believe his offense will work well, it did for UCF and while he was OC at Mizzou. He needs an excellent defensive staff and a few above average recruiters as well. Let's do this!
It’s hard to do bridge hires when every coach since Fulmer has progressively left us in a worse state than their predecessor.

If true, I think this hire is BS. An over paid AD who is supposed to be as good as DW is, with an open checkbook bring back crap and calls it caviar. I think we were fleeced. Freeze, chadwell, and Kiffin were there for the taking...

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