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Small on top.....big on bottom
Copperhead......that’s what everyone else said. I didn’t ask the snake:)

I very well could be wrong.....still big and dead
You can tell the difference by their eyes. If the pupil is round it’s non venomous but if it’s got a cat like pupil it’s venomous. Of course I only check them after they’re dead.
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Wow, just had my buddy make this for me today on via dye sublimation onto an aluminium plate. He is not competely happy with it as an initial test run but I think it came out beautiful and cant wait to hang it up!

It's only 9inches high by 12 inches wide.....Cant wait for my laser cutout wood sign! That will be about 3 feet wide.

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Would love to purchase something like this if your buddy would be willing. Let me know.
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Gray and Chandler should be able to do plenty of damage against that defense if our offensive line is what we hope it will be. We do not want that offensive on the field too many times. Control the clock and give Cimaglia a chance at the end.

Hard to say if we have a QB that could take over that game in week 2.

Although, I can't imagine this Oklahoma defense being all that much better than South Carolinas last year, Kentucky's or Missouri's. If JG is to start this game I could see where he could hit enough open guys against an average defense, assuming the running game is as good as we hope, to have a chance to win in the end.

Considering that, I think we underestimate how much an effective running game could really help our QB's. It takes a lot of pressure off of a QB if he knows that the defense has a hard time stopping the likes of Gray and Chandler. JG could actually thrive if our running game is good on a weekly basis. Just feel like his game is a little too measured and he misses on a lot of play action opportunities since he's often short on the deep ball.

Saying all that, if we have a really good running game I really don't see that much downside to putting in a strong armed aggressive Maurer and a supremely talented HB. Control the line of scrimmage you control the game.

Except that Maurer will not be the starter.
I’m not sure why this got me, but it did. It just brought up all the times in life that I was facing something I knew I had to do, but was kinda nervous or scared about it. Glad to know ole Johnny felt the same way. Somehow we always overcome the fear of the unknown.

Right in the feels, Brillo.
Fulmer also deserves string consideration. Especially if football gets back to full strength under his AD tenure.
If Fulmer gets the program back to national prominence and oversees a National Championship, I think he gets the nod over Majors.

Right now Johnny gets the nod imo, as he was the superior player.
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