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Mar 20, 2013
Sooo Rocker watching his son play at Vandy wasn’t as big of a deal as we thought and it could just honesty be me but I feel these hires maybe have been slightly rushed but been in the works for a don’t replace two well known position coaches with unknowns further more I feel like he could have offered any well known popular position coach and they would have came here,we are a hot team right now who just snagged ND’s OC for a analyst come on lol
brighten up buttercup....we will be ok.


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Dec 14, 2010
Ery-one chill....

Braum--- looks to be a great developer of talent and no worse recruiter than Rocker... we are now getting/have DL talent that needs to be developed... just what the Dr ordered... he will max what we have...

Felton-- young, energetic, hungry, stud... looks like he knows what he is doing, already familiar with our program, some good recruiting geography ties... knows he's being given a big opportunity and will bust ass if given the chance, which Pruitt thinks he will or he wouldn't have hired him...

Not splashy hires, but looks like Pruitt already knew he wanted Braum... Yes, we have the money to get just about anyone, so the fact he grabbed him quick means he truly wanted him, so we gotta trust Pruitt and Ansley on this one, as I am sure Ansley had some input ... Taking a bit of a chance with Felton but again, Pruitt saw something he liked... he could have gotten anyone for this and he picked him...

Interesting though that we didn't give Kevin Simon a shot at LB... for goodness sakes he played the position here!


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Jan 16, 2014
All well and good, but there's nothing wrong with questioning the hires. No one has said they will fail, but those of us who show concern get attacked as if we're somehow lesser fans. It's like people who defended Butch even when it was apparent he was failing. There's nothing wrong with expressing concern so it doesn't warrant attack.
Please call me out if I'm attacking anyone for having a difference of opinion. I think usually the gap between one side and the other is a lot smaller than it appears. I totally get questioning the hires. I just am convinced that the guy who apparently chewed out his boss for not doing everything it took to compete for championships (Richt) will not settle for nobodies. We'll see.


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Nov 13, 2009
Gotta say, didn't expect word games from you.

The only "current" that can be discussed is results.
The OC, the DC and the WR coaches, which results weren't an upgrade?
Those of us who aren't buying in 100% on these hires being instant successes are getting attacked for having an opinion, so forgive me for being on the defensive. But until we see how Brum recruits here, it would be hard to call him an upgrade over Rocker. All you have to do is compare resumes to see it.

I like Pruitt, and I'll ride with his choices, but I'm not such a blind follower that I won't question the experience of a hire. That's no different than the blind devotion people gave Butch, or Dooley. Time will tell us if these are good hires. I'm not going to say, "yeah, great hires" when I'm not sure they are.
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Jun 14, 2016
Can we have a conversation or disagreement without all the disparaging? I understand the concerns that Pruitt is hiring less experienced/less well known coaches... they may not prove to be upgrades. However, I have been impressed by every move Pruitt has made, even when he hired Tyson Helton. It didn't work out, but rumor was he was going to eat the buyout and let him go after 1 year because it wasn't working. I don't see evidence of Pruitt willing to settle for mediocre. He is aiming for the moon, and I love that about our coach.
Too difficult for Swanson and some others on here


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Jan 6, 2013
All we are saying is the two guys they are bringing in aren’t as experienced in this league. I get the “They will come in here with the right attitude, etc etc, buttttttttttttt again no experience.

Yes everyone can point at Brumbaugh being at LSU, Maryland, etc, but let’s be real for a second, He was the strength coach at LSU, and let’s not pretend like it’s hard to make LA Tech and Maryland better.

Felton, he doesn’t have experience in bigger leagues, besides being a quality control analyst here and coaching a few high school kids that were good.

Again, I get they can come in here and kill it, and I hope they do and make me eat crow, I want them to do well and kill it but we are turning the ship around and honestly we don’t have time for unproven coaches.

Go ahead and everyone flame away.
On Brumbaugh, I think Pruitt wanted a potentially good recruiter without slipping on development. One can minimize improving performance at lower levels but it requires teaching to do so...wherever football is played. You get a better performance out of the same group of high school players and you did some coaching and developing. Pruitt does his homework. These hires have been vetted...the last two that he took a flyer on were Terry Fair and Tyson Helton. Have to say he learned.


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Aug 8, 2019
Pruitt is hiring these guys for a reason and that reason is that he thinks they will improve the team. He's not being like whatever let's just make some hires it really doesn't matter.
This makes too much sense, Johnny. You see, this is our first opportunity to complain about Vol football this decade. Let us have our moment to express our pent-up frustrations.
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