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Jan 11, 2012
Did you guys catch Jerry Meyer with Basilio today? Shooooweee. I’m paraphrasing here: Meyer, who in years past has been brutally honest about our basketball recruiting, explained how different things are now for the Vols. In the past Tony B would ask about top recruits and Meyer would say, “Not much chance of landing him.” Over and over.

Meyer said Barnes has helped Tennessee carve out a niche and we have an identity. Our reputation is now a school where top recruits can go if they want to work hard and develop. No surprise right? When you recruit guys who don’t look like good college players and then you get them drafted it changes things.

Now Tony is asking about our chances with specific elite recruits and Meyer responds, “It’s boring to keep answering the same way about each recruit. Tennessee has as good a chance as any school in being in the top 5 for any player.” He went on to describe that most elite players will have 1 or 2 local schools in the top, as well as 1 or 2 blue bloods, then the other spot is for teams like the Vols. Said if we really want to get in with any recruit we now can.

The discussion moved on to Pruitt and callers were saying that we need to give Pruitt the time to do the same exact model. We have to keep developing good players and start getting guys drafted again.
Good stuff. There is no doubt that you build up alot of equity when you take three 3 star basketball players and get them all drafted. Now, Barnes isn't a good fit for everyone. Some high level guys who want to coast for a year will not like him. But, he demands hard work and will be honest. If you put in the effort, then you will get developed. It's really amazing the kinds of players that are now showing interest. Banchero, the #4 player in 2021, from Washington said that he had the "coolest" conversation with Rick Barnes.

All those folks who got bent out of shape about his UCLA comments...


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Oct 16, 2016
SIAD but here what I don't understand. So when we recruited Mauer both he and Sam Howell were considered. We obviously went with Mauer and I'm not debating if we picked right or not. My question is how can Howell be starting and beating better teams than we have played thus far and Mauer still not be ready to see the field as McElroy put it? I dont put a ton of stock into what McElroy says but that couple with CJP saying we dont have a backup at this point worries me and makes no sense.

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