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Big Sun

Jan 22, 2016
I’m pretty sure I have enjoyed over half of the third Saturdays in October The Good Lord is going to bless me with so I am not about to throw one away tomorrow. I’m going to enjoy it no matter what

With that said I’m going to take a trip down memory lane.

82 is the first memory I have of the 3rd Saturday in October. Sitting around a radio listening to John Ward call the victory with my GrandFather. Man oh man what I’d do to have this one day over again.

85 is the next memory. Dale Jones Just grabbed it out of mid air and Little ole Van tiffin couldn’t get it done

87or 88 I Remember that damn Toss sweep over and over and over and over again

91 I went to the 9-6 game with my Dad. I remember walking what seemed like miles to the car afterword and still hearing those bastards cheering Roll Tide.

94 I remember very distinctly walking out of Neyland stadium saying with 110% confidence the Vols were coming and that Bama wasn’t going to beat us again for a long time

And in 95 it took one glorious play to prove that true. Touchdown on play number 1

The 2008 game was SO hard to swallow. Fulmer was on his way out and Bama fans really were plentiful in Neyland that day.

Not many memories worth noting in the last decade but no doubt in my mind the Third Saturday in October will return to its rightful place on college football soon. Maybe not soon enough but It’s coming!

The 9-6 loss was my first time in Neyland. I remember walking toward the concourse and passing a 50 yr-old Bama fan with a Tide detergent box and roll of toilet paper on a stick. He just stared at me and bellowed out Rollll Tide. Hated them ever since.

It was 1990, fwiw.


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Dec 23, 2008
A female coworker claims to be an Alabama AND Clemson fan. And Duke basketball.

If she didn't have such a great set of...... I mean such a great personality, I wouldn't be able to tolerate ever talking to her.
Sounds like one of my daughter's friends says she is for Bama and Ohio State in football, and Kentucky in basketball. She was born and raised in Texas. 😏
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Jan 9, 2010
Hate to be all nega, but it's not a stretch to observe that we have basically no chance at the W.

But I think our OL is much better equipped to mitigate their defensive pressure this year than in years past. We still need RB's to hit the hole on sight, and we need our WR's to win some 1 on 1 battles to extend drives.

They're going to do what they want on O, hate to be nihilistic about it. I say trust guys like BT and NW and allow them to gamble and go for INTs. Even if we allow a TD, it's likely they're gonna score each outing anyway. Just gamble in the right part of the field and try not to allow 60 yard runs after the catch.

The spread is 35 for a reason. But I think we're capable of hanging in there, scoring 17 or 20, and making it one that could make their fans uneasy at times. Growing up is learning how to rise to the occasion, and we got one helluvan occasion today.

45-20 is still an ugly score, but it will be palatable if we break a few big plays and show fight for 60 minutes.

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