Recruiting Forum 90 Day Weight Loss Thread


May 1, 2007
After multiple days of being at 260 I made it to 259.4. I still feel like it should be coming off faster with weights + cardio 5x a week and 1500-1900 calories a day
I have thought of doing 1 but that seems ******. I also wonder if I just need to eat a little more.
I’d say you are are under eating, especially for the amount you’re training.
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It’s happening isn’t it
Nov 21, 2011

Yeah I -can- do it, but I don't know if it's just the way my body works I don't seem to have the same level of drastic weight loss from Keto as others. I'll be honest though I've never invested the time to fully research it.

Oddly enough from a pure diet standpoint, I lost the most weight doing the Mediterranean diet which is very carb heavy (although it's natural/whole wheat carbs). Still have to limit refined carbs and sugar/red meat are very much avoided. I would mostly eat brown rice, whole wheat pastas, fish and lots of veggies and some fruit.
If you’ve been eating 100+g of carbs then you’ve probably never been in true ketosis. That one biscuit will knock you out of it lol you really need to be sub 50g (and more like 25g) carbs (and all from fibrous veggies - no starchy carbs) for at least 4 days before you’ll be in ketosis.

It’s worth trying at least once. A lot of people react great to it, some don’t notice much of a change. I have such a higher level of energy and mental clarity when I’m in ketosis it’s damn near totally illogical for me to live my life any other way. Lol
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Nov 8, 2011
Doing fine on my meals, but had a minor procedure yesterday so doc says I can’t workout for a week. Never thought I would say this, but I hate not being able to go to the gym. Especially now that we’re closing in on 90 days. Planning to just walk around the neighborhood a lot to get my heart rate going.

As far as meals are concerned, I posted this in the recruiting forum football talk thread. I’ve enjoyed this grilled chicken option.

Found a simple and tasty marinade for chicken. Equal parts olive oil and lime juice. Spoonful of honey, salt, pepper and chop up some fresh mint. Marinate chicken for at least 10 min. Slap on the grill, and it’s really good. I have started grilling 8 or so breasts on Sunday. Refrigerating all but one and slicing through the week to put on salads or in wraps. Good stuff.

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