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Like everyone else, I thought @bignewt was being a giant a**hole the other day, as well...we all know what im talking about...

However, with that said, im in full agreement with him, and have always been, as it pertains to using that stupid bullsh!t "natty" term. All of you who say it, keep in mind, you look and sound like that Texas d-bag in the clip. Congratulations.
I actually agree "natty" is a super obnoxious term. Same as bruh/bra, swoll, etc... Abbreviation has its place, but man Gen y and z have taken it to the most extreme, unintelligent level.
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@Glitch probably
Are any of you familiar with AI models or machine learning? It’s a big part of my day-job and I’ve been really curious to see how long it will be before we start to see it creep into recruiting metrics/methods and CFB in general.

If you’re unfamiliar: imagine an AI(program if you will) that can analyze a players tape and gives the results to you without you having to even watch it. The AI would be able to give you metrics such as top speed, missed tackles, out of position players, hand movement, processing speed of a QB, etc.

Another avenue would be an AI-model specifically trained to make game time decisions based on player performance. It could give coaches alerts when players start tiring out before they give up big plays or give a coach advice on whether his players are capable of picking up a 4th down.

All of this is speculation only right now but I don’t think it will be long before this stuff is reality(if it isn’t in the works already) especially considering the amount of money there is in this sport.
I disagree 100%….That comes with part of the choice to become a High major football player…You can’t look forward to the positive things: 100,000 cheering fans, NIL deals, free gifts, popularity without the negative things that come along with it as well.
Eh, leave the kid alone.
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