Recruiting Football Talk VII

Exactly. And in this game, we made mistakes, and got about the same from out day 1 pitchers that we got last Friday... This time all the breaks went against us and we didn't complete the comeback.

It will take a lot more focus and much better execution going forward, but the good news, when this team has put up a stinker, they've followed it with some great performances.

So we'll see. At the end of the day... It's still one game at a time, till it's not. GBO🍊

Exactly. Choking woulda been to let the game really get away and losing 16-2 or some ****. They battled the whole way it just wasn’t their day. We also still have our best pitchers in play, and it’s extremely unlikely for our best hitters to be off back to back games.
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I mean sorta. Their pitching staff is pretty stout. It’s the strength of their team. Their other starting pitchers don’t have the numbers but some of their bullpen guys do.
Could be completely wrong, but I think we win tomorrow with Beam on the bump. Hopefully Zander has had enough rest to go for game 3.
A&M’s best arm out of the pen tomorrow is still a really good one in Cortez. RHP. Can touch 100mph. Lots of arm side run. Nasty slider.

60.1 IP, 41 H, 95 Ks, 32 BBs, .192 BAA
We need to get out of the gates fast. Put up a 3 or 4 run spot in top of first to make them feel the pressure and get us settled down hopefully on defense. They know if this goes 3 games, it definitely favors us.
I say this with love but you all are the softest fans I have ever seen.. Go have a good cry in the corner and come back when you can compose yourself. Let your balls drop and cheer on our team today. They may not win… We are playing one of the best teams in the country but they won’t go down without a fight. We only lost by four yesterday…. It’s not the end of the world…. Go Vols!!! Let’s win this d&mn thing!!!
I have the same feeling I had at Hoover. However, Lamkin is there for one more game. I feel good about Beam today against their pen (assuming they go bullpen today). If that happens, tomorrow will be epic with Schrist vs. Lamkin.

We usually come back with an attitude after a game like last night. I am anticipating the same today and tomorrow.
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I have the same feeling I had at Hoover. However, Lamkin is there for one more game. I feel good about Beam today against their pen assuming they go bullpen today). If that happens, tomorrow will be epic with Schrist vs. Lamkin.

We usually come back with an attitude after a game like last night. I am anticipating the same today and tomorrow.
Lamkin is nowhere near as good as what we faced last night
We lost the first game big in the SEC tournament. We won the tournament.

We should have lost the first game of the CWS against FSU playing and pitching essentially the same way. A hitting miracle happened. We came back and shut UNC and them down in the next two.

Other than the first SEC series against Bama, we won every third game of all other SEC series if we lost one of the first two games.

Tony continued with his same strategy throughout the season. He's the boss. Our pitching staff is limited and everybody knows it. We depend on great hitting and steady D. Last night we played on D like we did against FSU and got burned. It was awful in the IF, yet, great in the OF. Tony stayed with the same pitching rotation until the 7th and got burned again. Phillips and Loy proved once again they are qualilty pitchers of the future as well as now. They did against aTm what Snead did against FSU. Tony chose to trust Stamos and Behnke while not pulling Causey quicker, just like FSU. aTm hits like FSU, they eat up junk ballers.

i expect them to bounce back and win this thing. C-Mo and Tears got a big taste of humble pie and I doubt they want anymore. They just need to relax and refocus. But the pitching staff needs to learn someday to keep the ball down and on the edges except for going for the K with the high fast ball. They threw a bunch of lollipops up there and aTm made them pay.
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While I think Tennessee should be ranked higher in team recruiting rankings, I think it's important to remember the fall out from Pruitt's recruiting violations. Please try to comprehend the specifics of these sanctions because I think a lot of us have forgotten what an uphill battle it's been on the recruiting trail.
- penalty of $8M, meant to represent the financial equivalent of missing two postseasons.
-A legislated fine of $5,000 plus 3% of the entire football budget
-Five years of probation.
-Reduction of 28 football scholarships throughout the probationary period, with a minimum of two scholarships per year.
-Reduction of 36 football official visits during the probationary period, including at least four visits per year. Tennessee will prohibit official visits for a total of 10 regular-season home games, four of which must involve SEC opponents.
-Reduction of 40 weeks for football unofficial visits during the probationary period, with a minimum of six weeks per year. Tennessee will prohibit unofficial visits for 10 regular-season home games, including four against SEC opponents.
-A 28-week ban on recruiting communications during the probationary period, including at least three weeks per year. This includes one week each in December and January, and one week between March and June.
-reduction of 120 evaluation days throughout the probationary period.
Imagine how good we’ll recruit once these restrictions are gone. Top 3 in the nation year in year out!
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Having been around baseball my whole life, i feel like I know this sport better than any other. I appreciate the strategizing that goes into the game. (And yes, I loved it when National league pitchers had to bat) Last night, we lost, but Tony played a masterful game of chess. Whether it works out for him remains to be seen, today.

Texas AM used their best pitcher. I don't think he'll be back. They had a long reliever that came in afterwards.. Tony put in Phillips and Loy, who pitched very well, but aren't who we usually go to for relief in the biggest games. Obviously,Tony went there because AM pitched their best and the score was not an easy one to catch. He hoped (and it worked) that our big hitters would get to their star closer. Some hits and many fouls (example Burke) made closer's pitch count go up more than TexasAM would have liked. Now, let's see how that strategy works today. Obviously Beam has to pitch well, but we have good people in the bull pen left and I don't think we've used anyone up.
Happy Early Sunday VN ☺️

I know some days a good word and a good thought can be harder to find than others. I decided to post this one early.

June 23, 2024: Refuse to allow yourself to get stuck right here. I speak of stagnation spiritually, mentally, or emotionally. Take advantage of every opportunity to be motivated. Consider your options and choose to start moving in the right direction. Ephesians 2:10 For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.
Posted the devotional last night since we needed a pick me up. Here it is. God speed on all your journeys today. Never let a game derail your efforts of living the light of Christ.
I also wanted to add--I loved watching Tony's face as Burke battled AM's star closer. (I think his pitch count was in the 40's by the end) Burke eventually struck out, but that was a great at bat-- foul after foul. Burke wants to win and he's not giving up. Definitely a team leader.. I loved that Ensley and Curley's bat woke up, let's keep going strong with Dylan and get CMO and Tears in this thing and we are good to go.
All the pressure is on Vols today let's see how they respond. Hopefully Christian comes back from the 0-5 night at the plate.

Lots of individuals were giving Chapman hell because of the mental error in outfield by throwing ball into second instead of home.

The error by Amick was twice as bad as that throwing the ball 25 feet down 1st base line led to 2 unearned runs and opened the flood gate on the big inning.

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