Really good Kara Lawson podcast JJ Redick

Apr 10, 2014
I think she will end up as a head coach some day, and I hope that our lady vols never have to play her teams. Kara is so intelligent and so competitive. I remember talking with one of the men practice players during Kara's playing years. He told me that he had never met anyone more competitive and anyone who hated to lose more than Kara. He told me that she was also the smartest person he had ever met. He said that whatever Kara decides to do, she will be the most successful at her job. I understand why Fulmer did not hire an inexperienced coach. But some college some day is going to get a winner. I also talked to a former great Lady vol who told me that Pat was always asking her to be "like Kara." She kept telling Pat that she could only be herself. Pat responded, "Until you lead as Kara led, you won't win a championship. It is not enough to be a great player. You have to be a great leader in order to win." This player got sick of being asked to be like Kara, but I can see why Pat made Kara the point guard as a freshman over a more experienced pg. Kara was smart and was always a leader. She was not afraid to shoot the game winning shot. She never shied away from that responsibility.

Pat obviously knew what it takes to be a winner. Ironically, this great player and Kara finally played together in the Olympics and became good friends. I loved how Kara in that final game out shined Sue Bird to lead to a USA victory.
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