Reality vs Expectation



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Feb 2, 2015
everyday, there is a new thread regarding the UT's current state recruiting. starting to see more and more people post about how UT is losing out on recruits and that our coaching staff cant close.

whats the best way to recruit? WINNING.

until then, you have to give credit to the CURRENT administration and staff for what they have been able to do in 18 months. in the last 18 months, the entire school administration has been completely overhauled, not just athletics. yet, UT fans still expect for parents to send their kids to a school where the leadership has been a laughing stock for the last 10 years.

in the face of all that, Pruitt and Co. were able to CLOSE two 5 star, future NFL Offensive Lineman in Morris and Wright, Quartavious Crouch who was the #1 player in the country until he was unable to play his senior year and chose UT over Clemson, Eric Gray 3x Mr Tennessee and chose UT over Michigan, Henry To'oto'o who chose UT over Alabama, Ramel Keyton who chose UT over Georgia, and land DeAngelo Gibbs from Georgia and Aubrey Solomon from Michigan.

anyone who says that UT is not headed in the right direction after seeing Pruitt's first true recruiting class after going 5-7 is out of their mind. Pruitt was able to get kids to choose UT over Alabama and Clemson after both of those teams played for the NC.

and on top of all that, Pruitt is the first developmental coach UT has had in 10 years. not only does that equate to winning but it also equates to these players being drafted and playing in the NFL. How do UT fans expect to land 5 stars if the team is 5-7 and produces zero NFL draft picks???? yet, Pruitt did land TWO 5-stars.

when UT begins winning on regular basis and producing NFL draft picks again, recruiting will definitely become easier.

until then, give credit where credit is due and be patient. UT has to win on the field, period.

other than that, i know that Pruitt will not only recruit better than Fulmer, Kiffin, Dooley, and Butch ever did and will develop these players to the NFL.

you guys should too
Agree with everything but recruiting better than Fulmer. He pulled in stellar classes...and even the season he got fired he had a strong class that fell apart when he left...chiefly the qb who went to Clemson, which arguably was the foundation Dabo needed to build early momentum.

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