Ranking the SEC national champions of the last 30 years



Vols To The Walls
Mar 23, 2009
Tee Martin
Peerless Price
Travis Stephens were a 3 headed monster that could break almost any college defense down.

1998 UT beats 1997 Nebraska if they play imo.

Yes...Peyton should have sat the game as he wasnt 100 percent. Godbless him. But he deserved the chance to try and will his team to beat them. We all saw how T Martin drove right down the field on Nebraska. UT defense held that Husker option attack for a whole half, but Offense gave nothing...stalled drives or turnovers. Needed a different approach. But that's who we were in 1997.

1998 UT didn't destroy a lot of teams. But they beat everybody they played. Very similar to 2002 Ohio State with Gamble, Jenkins, Clarret and Krenzel.

Do you really think Wayne Madkin and the MSU Bulldogs were only 3 points worse than Peter Warrick and FSU Seminoles?? Lookat scores we beat them both by you would guess that...
FSU beats them 50-10 if they play...with rooster at QB.

UT had equal to if not MORE talent than 1998 FSU. And they had Senior leadership in all the right spots on the field.

1998 UT would have given 2019 LSU all they could handle. Al Wilson, Deon Grant, The nasty disruptive D-line and our LBs that ran like Safeties would have been tough for Burrow to deal with. Peerless couldn't be stopped as a SR. Stephens when given the carries was very similar. Nothing against Cheese Henry. Not exaggerating about this either. Running QBs gave LSU fits in 2019. When Clemson was in control it was because Lawrence was RUNNING and throwing effectively. Clemson didn't have a what UT had on 1998 defense. Tanner Muse? Would have been holding a clipboard watching Grant make interceptions.
Football game is about matchups.
1998 UT could have played with any college championship team ever...
As far as your very last comment IMO watchin football i have to say 95 nebraska is best team i ever saw walk field. They would destroy 2001 miami. Never seen such a mean offense & defense. Just my opinion. They destroyed UF who the next yr won NC. They made UF look like pee wee league
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