'22 QB IN Tayven Jackson (UT commit)


Ron Swanson

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Mar 1, 2012
“Every school has a chance with me,” Jackson said. “I haven’t cut down any lists or anything. Every school stands a chance and get my attention.”

Tennessee got his attention on Sunday with the offer. “I think there is a lot of great history and great players who have come through that program. I think they will get back to where they used to be and I’m really looking forward to being recruited by them and getting to know them.

“I know that Peyton Manning went there and that’s really all I know about the school.” Jackson might not know much about the Vols, but he does know about Josh Heupel’s offense and likes what he has learned.

“I feel like it would fit great,” Jackson offered. “I feel like it’s pretty perfect. I like how he uses his quarterbacks. I like the way he handles his offense and puts people in great position to make plays. I think I would fit perfect in that.

“I can use my feet and escape the pocket. I think I have great arm strength and can deliver the ball where ever it needs to be. I think I’m a pretty good leader. I think I bring energy to the team and I think my teammates love to play with me.”

Jackson is not far into the recruiting process. His phone has been ringing much more lately but due to the extended dead period he hasn’t been what he needs to see.

“I have only been to one school. I would like to tour some colleges and then make my decision,” Jackson said. “I feel like the dead period is hurting alot of kids. If COVID wasn’t a thing, I would probably already be committed somewhere right now.”

While he hasn’t seen schools the way he needs to, he’s know what he’s looking for when it comes to coaches. “Just a coach who has great energy and has a great vibe,” Jackson said. “A guy who is positive and loves his players. I like a guy who gets into it at practice too. Just a great coaching staff, teammates and a great atmosphere is what I’m looking for.”
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Nothing better than good VOL Football
Oct 10, 2014
I know y’all love Horn and all but this dude may be better. That ball jumps out of his hand so smoothly. Especially if Mullen wants him badly.

Looks just like JGs throwing tendencies in High School.
One speed, and low trajectory.

But....i could be wrong

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