Pruitt got his!



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Oct 22, 2007
Cannot imagine how those above us in the precious star rankings pulled it off.... The exciting trend is that Pruitt is killing them in the STAR EFFICIENCY RATING..... that is calculated by taking the total number of stars each teams recruits and divide it by the number of wins for the team the preceding season.... So for AL they signed 27 with a four star average for 108 stars divided by 14 gives them a rating of 7.7. We had 23 for 83 total stars divided by 5 for a 16.6 rating.... This demonstrates the coaches impact on the recruiting process...

Now to be totally fair I just created this system yesterday sometime so it does not yet have popular acceptance....

My position on stars is this... it is a probability of success at the next level not a ceiling. Like any system there are imperfections and that is why some high star guys bust and some low star guys excel. So any cumulative value for each class is impacted by the data each service had in assigning stars... even the highest high star guy has risk. It is pretty easy to assign 5 stars to the kids that started shaving in the 6th grade, played in locations with great development programs starting early, and play against high end competition. Harder to define the difference between the 3 and 4 star kids when some mature so much later and don't get all the sexy camp invites especially after their JR years... so their is more risk with them... but coaches are not just blindly reaching into the vast 3 star pools when they make offers.. so if they properly avoid the overrated 4 star kids and more importantly properly evaluate the misses in the three star pools they can lose the STAR wars and still effectively get guys who can succeed or even excel in college... true some may need MORE weight room and hard coaching to reach their peak but ultimately CAN produce better than 4 star guys in their classes... Case in point will be to follow the Solomon DB we added late... we shall see if our evaluation is better than the services.... maybe, maybe not... but only time will tell... same for each and every guy every school brings in. This just covers the physical abilities have not even gotten into academic capabilities and character variables... guess I am counting on Coach having a better eye having dealt at the top his last three stops and better understand his refusal to offer kids until he sees them perform at camp etc...



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Jan 29, 2017
I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself! Think about this class with additions of Gibbs and Solomon! It’s almost like we got 6 five star talents!

Solomon, Wright, Morris, Gibbs, To’oto’o, Crouch

Boooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm! All these guys are studs!

I’m sure Pruitt might have missed a couple targets. I’m also convinced it wasn’t many. Watch out now! In 2 years we gonna be cracking heads! All I’m saying is coach got his guys after losing seasons. It’s on now!!! Errrggghhhhhhhhhh! Let’s fu^¥^!# goooooooooooo! WGWTFA!
Drew Richmond was a 5 star. Sorry, I just had too.

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