Pruitt Addresses Trey Smith's Chances of Playing This Season



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Sep 17, 2013
FWIW...whilst visiting my heart doc at Duke last week, I brought up Trey's situation again. Doctor Patel told me that, as according to a hematologist there at Duke, if a higher end blood thinner such as Xarelto or Plavix is used with close monitoring in regards to dosages, regulated by anticipated possibly problematic activities, then the right dosage and pre-determined period of abstinence from the blood thinner can be determined; one which MAYBE could allow rough-and-tumble periods (such as participating in a football game).

We're all different in our physiologies. Right? This old Vol's been on blood thinners since1999. All they could give us was Warfarin; all there was for safely thinning blood. Back then, I was still living in Texas and, having a stronger heart back then, I rode truckloads of very green quarter horses, thus I hit the ground a lot...just like most rowdy cowboys. Never did I have a problem with the clotting ramifications initiated not by bleeding (which is a problem, but if addressed immediately, it's not) but, instead, by internal bruising which will, sooner or later, toss out clots. Even today with my stage 3 chf, I'm on Xarelto. I still ride and occasionally get banged up. A year ago I launched myself from old Alibi (look to your left) as he's 31 and finally couldn't handle my 220 lbs. (That was, alas, our last ride). Although my icd's three leads were pulled from my heart by the ominous ramifications of gravity, causing serious internal bleeding, I've not had a single problem come out of it. Therefore and theoretically, if Trey's physiological genes are close-enough-to-like-mine in makeup, then Trey, maybe-just-maybe, could be suiting up this year.

Here's to Hope. GBO!

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