Printed tickets and screenshots of ticket won’t work at Neyland this year

it's not so easy , if you don't have nor want a smart phone !
Straight from the Athletic Department. . . .

What if I don't have a smartphone?

Fans can contact the Tennessee Athletic Ticket Office or a Tennessee ticket sales representative at 865-656-1200, and they will work with them to determine the best way to get into the game.
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The Titans handled their parking passes differently this year. Last year they sent out digital parking passes to use on phone to start the preseason. However there was such a backlog the first preseason game, they decided to send out stickers to put on driver's side of window. This year they sent out one hanging parking pass for your approved lot and nothing digital. They also use ticket master. For Vols games my family has parked in church parking lot for decades.

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