Just in the interest of music history, her name is Susanna Hoffs.

She has released 4 solo albums. The most recent, Bright Light (2021) is an all-covers album. From 2006-2013, she also released three albums of nice cover versions with Matthew Sweet (Under the Covers, vol. 1, 2, and 3). They duet well together and have similar tastes (Nick Drake, Richard Thompson, Big Star, Badfinger, Go-Gos, Beatles, Rod Stewart, Yes, Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Little Feat, Left Banke, Stone Poneys, R.E.M., Bee Gees, etc.).

If I were on the desktop, I'd post a clip of Susanna age 50 with her timeless beauty nearly three decades after her Bangles heyday doing a killer live duet with Sweet covering Young's classic "Cinnamon Girl."

Also just now found several tracks from her 2021 release. Voice still beautiful (as is she in her early sixties). I'll try to post her stunning duet with another ageless 80's icon, Aimee Mann ('Til Tuesday). Their extraordinary, gorgeous cover of "The Name of the Game" by the tragically-doomed Pete Hamm of Badfinger is just haunting. Neither woman has missed a beat; their voices just transport you back to an earlier age of pop music.

Alt country legend Robbie Fulk's ode to Susanna. Hoffs - "That Bangle Girl":

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Thanks coach....

The last movie I saw with my bride was "Adrift"... I loaded up her oxygen equipment and off to the show we went....I spoke with the theater management and they treated us like royalty....I mostly carried her into the theater, she was very weak, but she wanted to see that movie....Hospice told me it was OK to take her, she didn't have long...She really enjoyed the movie....

She use to tell me that death could never take her as long as I was beside her...I had been a 5 star EMT and I would guard her bed like a soldier...I would set up all night to help her sleep...She would wake up and see me there, and she felt safe....It was good.

Well coach one dark night that nasty ol ******* death got by me and took my bride away....I still wrestle with that one...I will always feel like I failed her....

A couple of weeks ago I saw Adrift on HBO, and by the end of it I was a mess...The song "Put Your Picture in a Frame", reduces me to jelly everytime...So many memories...

When I was feeling very sad my dogs all came to me and licked me to let me know it was OK...They knew their daddy was hurting...Thank God for my dogs.

I feel ya GT

1982, 22 yrs old and about to ETS from the Army,,,I wrote my first and only true love and said I was coming home and was going to marry her,,,she was the victim of a shooting before I got back to NE GA. I don't think I ever recovered from that GT. I would not know love so deep again. . . Even now, it haunts me. I tried. Married in 1994. Gave it my all...Sadly it was not a love like I knew existed,, so in 1998 we divorced.

Been single ever since. I won't/wouldn't settle for half-love so I immersed myself into the game that has now been a part of my life for 43 years and been a coach/father/husband many times over. Not to mention I have a wonderful daughter out of it. And now two grandchildren.

I have an idea...this week's SC "game thread" I'd like to fill it full of "posts"
The floor's all yours ,

What have you got to say that you want on the front page?

Keep it to a paragraph or so
We need to increase the traffic on this thread amongst fans of LV and WCBB fans, hate seeing it so low on the totem pole, and yes, I am part of the problem, have not checked in here much lately with my good friends like GT, who I am concerned about his absence for so long.
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