Potentially Big News in Oregon



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Aug 25, 2010
That sucks for Nix and Oregon. I’m not a huge Nix fan, but it’s been cool to see him redeem himself the way Hendon has with us . Goes to show what being in the right situation can do for a player. Also shows how toxic Auburn had become.
So here's my updated perspective.... I wasn't a Bo Nix fan at the beginning of the season, I personally thought Ty Thompson was the better QB. As of now, I'd say Bo has proved himself to Oregon fans and he's definitely the #1 QB. Ty has been pretty pathetic in his time on the field. Ty seems to be one of those great talents that thinks he's still in high school. The guy needs to grow up and become a college QB.

Finally, I know you won't believe this but apparently Bo has another year of eligibility remaining. I don't think he would go very high in the draft, so maybe it's worth it to Bo to come back to Oregon next year.
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