POLL: Who's in?

Who's in?

  • Quavaris Crouch

  • Darnell Wright

  • Eric Gray

  • Henry To'oto'o

  • Khafre Brown

  • Trezman Marshall

  • Justin Eboigbe

  • Kenyatta Watson II

  • Owen Pappoe

  • Zion Logue

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Jun 14, 2016
Honestly think if they get Khafre Brown they missed on someone else. VQ guys say he has wanted to commit for a long time.
Agreed. I kinda hope we don’t land him. I’m not that impressed. I want us to go all out for Haselwood and Pickens. I would also prefer Payton over Brown. But whoever coaches want in that one is fine. Brown is small. I know he’s fast, but we have other small and fast receivers who can’t see the field. We need those Bama type receivers

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