Pick'em - Kentucky - Game 1 is Thursday



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Jul 11, 2012
This weeks Pick'em has 2 chances to win, same as last week

24-20 Overall
7-14 SEC

Kentucky Schedule, University of Kentucky Athletics - Official Athletics Website

1. Simply Reply Sweep, 2-1, 1-2, or Swept and
2. Over or Under on how many runs we outscore Kentucky in 3 Games - 17.5
Double Up In-Play

4 Points if Correct on each answer, 8 Points if Doubled for each answer, -8 if Doubled and incorrect for each answer
if you Double, you Double for both questions
if you pick 2-1 on question 1, a Sweep will give you 1 point, 2 if Doubled​

Rules are simple and may change without notice:

1. Simply pick how the Vols will fair during the weekend series or weekday game
2. Reply with what's above :)
3. At the end of the season (tournaments included) a winner will be selected by their correct predictions and awarded a special prize on behalf of OldTimer and not to exceed OT's allotted budget
4. All predictions must be submitted by the 1st pitch of the 1st Game, any edits after the start of the game will result in a disqualification for that Series or Game and points will be deducted
5. You do not have to play every week, total points won will win
6. Point system may be changed at my discretion at any time
7. More rules may be added at my discretion
8. No wagering, 2022 Pick'em is for the enjoyment of the Volnation forums.
9. Disputes will be handled by a 3 person panel: Me, Myself, and I
10. The panel may elect to limit the number of Pick'em contestants and/or remove any Contestant at anytime

Again, if there is an EDIT after the game starts on your post, your prediction doesn't count and points will be deducted at OT's discretion

Pick with your gut and not your heart!!! - OT

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