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Oct 22, 2003
Thanks to @malinoisvol again this week for helping go through the entries.

Reminder, please format your posts like this:

Tennessee 41
South Carolina 0
Tiebreaker 200

This week's tiebreaker is total rushing yards by Tennessee's offense.

How it works:

Pick the score for each team of the Tennessee game. You must pick the winner of the game to win the contest. The smallest score differential will win.

Example (first game)
Prediction: TN 45 South Carolina 10
Actual: TN 38 South Carolina 3
Differential: (45-38) + (10-3) = 14.

Please format your pick with each team on one line like this, with Tennessee listed first:
Tennessee 41
Opponent 0
Tiebreaker 200

The winner will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. Good luck and thanks for playing.

Previous Winners
Week 1: @DickeyD [card sent]
Week 2: @aRmo [card sent]
Week 3: @DieHardVOL [card sent]
Week 4: @ptcarter [card sent]
Week 5: tbd
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