Perhaps, I'm actually not a Vol fan...



Nothing better than good VOL Football
Oct 10, 2014
Or, I don't bleed Orange as much as many of you.

I really did enjoy the hustle of the boys today.
But i saw a team, that was talented enough to win, that found a way to lose. And this is normal NOW, even for someone who became a fan as Fulmer took over.

Top to bottom. Coaching failures even before the game. Not just players.

It seems unless Tennessee has the overwhelming talent edge every week, then they can't consistently win. This is the story for the past 30 years. Fulmer almost always had the overwhelming talent except against Florida.

Heupels offense leaves much to be desired. Too many short possessions leaving the defense in a tough spot. Same thing at UCF is happening here. It's not that complex, and is quite easy to stop if you have an interior rush.

I am not sad about the loss. I truly believe Tennessee had the more talented team.
But Pitt was definitely the better team. Their slow start and Milton getting injured was the only reason this game was close.

2 games in and all my expectations are shot.

But these boys definitely give effort.
And I hope you all REAL Vol fans keep supporting them for that.


Mo Money Mo Problems - Michael Scott
Aug 13, 2008
Bro if we had a qb we blow this team out. That's all we are lacking. The offensive scheme was excellent and the defense kept us in this game.
On the flip side if Pitt is more than simply the average team they are, they blow us away easily. Pitt played not to lose with their play calling and their defense sucks. A good team doesn't walk away with 3 possessions inside our 30 with 6 points.

I'll be shocked if Pitt ends up better than 7-5.

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