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Jun 7, 2013
Does anyone plan to sell a parking pas for this season? If so, where and how much?

Folks, I have been “working” with a member on this website. He goes by tlw1162, says he can be reached
at He goes by the name Terry Williams. He contacted me and said he had 4 suite passes for all sessions Of the men’s SEC Baseball Tournament. He has cashed my check for $500, said he was mailing me the passes that I have yet to receive. He has also stopped taking my phone calls at 423-240-9086. He said he has a tracking number from the post office but has failed to provide it to me. Buyer beware.

If anyone wants to contact me about this individual to get what his pitch is, please feel free to call me at 850-687-0059.

UPDATE: I have been contacted by seller and he says he will make things right.
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