OWH's Topic That Will Never Die XXIII

Tin Man

Dirt's Childhood Playmate
Mar 9, 2015
My sixth year of high school (that's another story), my twin sisters were enrolled. Where we lived, there was no middle school. The sixth and seventh graders attended classes in one wing of the elementary school building. The eight graders were thrown to the wolves in high school. My sisters were tall for their age and quite pretty. There were always older kids who preyed on the eighth grade girls. My friends, most of whom had graduated earlier, were very protective of my sisters. When the predators began to sniff around my sisters, I would pull them aside and speak to them quite reasonably, tell them to leave these two alone. If they scoffed, I would inform them that my sisters had far more formidable protectors whose methods weren't subtle. If they persisted, inevitably they would be met one or more of my friends as school let out. They would be bustled into a car and taken to a remote location. There they would be told in detail of the physical harms that would befall them if they so much as spoke to either of my sisters again. At the conclusion of this "physical education," they would be taken into the woods and left naked, tied to a tree. The thing is, this wasn't just talk. More than one of my friends was capable and willing to make good on the threats.

At the end of Fall term, I finally completed the coursework required for a diploma. I left knowing that my sisters would not be pestered by the ne'er-do-wells. Their surrogate big brothers would have their backs. I could go on to take jobs to earn money for college, wherever these might take me.

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