Orange Bowl Thread: #2 Michigan vs #3 Georgia


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Dec 2, 2017
I'm not. I was pulling for those Yankees, but they got boat raced, curb stomped, etc. UGA outclassed them, outplayed them, and made it look easy.

Bama will beat their ass again come NC time.
Yeah me too so you know it's bad whencwe are rooting for Michigan.

Guess someone has to win the championship huh? No good options.


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Sep 19, 2007
You know when you’ve given up on being competitive with your so called biggest rival when you cheer for them to win their 800th title over the team you’ve played only 45 times historically.
Some of us gave up a long time ago. We have an administration that doesn’t care and the system is rigged to keep the status quo.

I seriously doubt anyone outside of Bama and UGA fans give a **** about the NC this year. We all just saw this game a few weeks ago.


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Nov 5, 2005
Win or lose next week, like I said before, the Kirby dynasty begins the day Saban retires.
And so the Never Ending Back and Forth continues...

Disclaimer: I've lived in GA now longer than I lived in TN, so I'm a UGA fan 364 days out of the year. But I'm a VFL first and foremost. I don't have the issues with UGA fans that some here have. For me, it's the jort wearers out of Gainesville that I detest. Every fan base has its' jackasses. UGA, UF, Bama, and yes...UT. So it is what it is, and to each their own.

Saban: GOAT. Top of the pile. Could win a staring contest with Chuck Norris, and beat Belichick at chess. Does everything at the highest level. Recruit, develop, coach, scheme, hire, win. He's got more crystal than Swarovski.
Dabo: Solid coach. Recruits well. High energy. Can call a solid game. But he's just a bit too much of a "rah-rah guy" for my tastes. Put him in the ring with a bona-fide heavyweight, like Saban, and he comes up 15 pounds and two rounds short most times.
Kirby: Somewhere in between Saban and Dabo, IMO. He does everything well, but Saban has been in Kirby's head for a while now. If the "Kirby Dynasty" begins when Saban retires, then is it really a dynasty? If you want to be the best, then you beat the best, not wait on them to retire, right? Kirby is almost there. But he needs to exorcise that last demon...the one playing hopscotch in his head...before he can start or lay claim to anything resembling a dynasty.

January 10th will be Kirby's 2nd chance in just over a month to get over that final hump. Personally, I'd like to have a blue-chipper behind center for UGA, but SB IV has shown he can rise to the occasion as long as the UGA OL gives him some room. Bama's front 7 could stop a runaway freight train, but if UGA can get to the Tide secondary, then they can win this game. Likewise, Old #9 for the Tide is going to be a riddle that UGA has to solve if victory is to be theirs. Both QB's have a strong supporting cast. I think it comes down to which QB can take what is there, or make something when nothing is there. I like SB's moxie. I hope it's enough.

So...Kirby's Dynasty either starts on January 10th, 2022.....or not at all. Because when Saban retires, there'll be a mad scramble for the top of the pile in the SEC. Kirby won't have an advantage just because he gets his mail at "Almost as good as Saban Street". All he'll have is another Bama coach to try and figure out. It is what it is.

Go Vols.
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