Olympic Flag Football Dream Squad



What's it gonna cost?
Mar 11, 2009
Who you got?

QB - Kyler Murray
C - Kelce
WRs - Hill, Jefferson, Chase

Defense - Sauce, PSII, Ramsey, Slay, Darwin

Kyler may be a surprise pick, but his advantage as an untouchable, shifty, attacking runner is more important than any passing advantage a better NFL QB may have. Size doesn't matter and you only have to process 5 defenders. Murray can make every throw and won't play afraid because there are no giants hitting him.
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Can you imagine Mahomes playing flag football?

Obviously he'd be amazing, but many of his advantages aren't advantages in flag football. He can process the 11-man defense as well as anybody in the league right now, but it's cut down to 5 in FF. He's big, but that doesn't matter. He can run of course, but flag football greatly favors quick, attacking runners, like Lamar and Kyler.

When you got someone like Lamar or Kyler, you don't even have to pass if the D honors the WR's. The D would have to leave guys wide open to stop Kyler from scrambling. Is there a single non-NFL player on the planet who can snatch Kyler's flag in the open field?

Flag football is just a different animal.

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