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Jan 18, 2010
No the difference in the game was our defense stopping UK on the goal line with time running out...JG inability to move the offense put our defense in that situation...Did you actually watch the game?...JG threw for 115 yards that game and Callaway made 2 incredible catches for scores...you might try and convince some people about how good he is but the ones of us who actually watch the games understand he is all we got right now and until Baily or someone else steps up we will be holding our breath every game wondering and worrying if JG is going to screw up another one....Now you take a lap.
Did you watch the game? The 115 yards was on only 8 attempts. With only one incompletion. Now I’m not a football expert like you are. Is 15+ yards per completion any good lol? Also one of the two touchdowns was to Palmer, not to Callaway. Since you’re “one of the ones who actually watches the games” I would think you would know that. Try not to trip over that mouth while you’re taking your lap.
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