'25 OK OT Antoni Ogumoro



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Apr 5, 2009


Man that kids always smiling ear to ear,plus he's got a dope jacket,those type of dudes are always a welcome lockerroom presence.His first 3 mins 10/25 huddle is pancake city,kid stays moving look for someone to smash.I think he plays 4A but some of those teams look tiny idk enuff about Oklahoma to say.Think it was a good offer but if he can build on 23' he'll get that 4 star I'd say.
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“Right now, they’re definitely at the top — like, (No.) 1 right now,” said Ogumoro, who received a scholarship offer from Tennessee on Nov. 12 and now holds offers from at least 13 schools. “They were pretty much that way (before the visit) — just the way they were on the phone, getting that vibe off of them.

“But they really finished it off going into that visit and seeing, ‘Oh, yeah, these guys are for real.’”
“Coach Heup, (we talk) every day. Coach Elarbee, every day. And then Coach KP and Micah up there every day,” Ogumoro said. “I mean, I’m just grateful. It’s cool hearing from Coach Heup. The first time, I was like, ‘Oh, snap. What’s up, Coach?’”
“That’s one thing, hearing (about) it on the phone,” Ogumoro said. “But being there and actually being a part of it, and being able to sit in the meeting rooms and see what it would be like.
“A lot of (teams), they kind of see me as a versatile player,” he said. “I have the (athleticism) I use to play tackle, and they could have me at guard, center. Just being available for any position is good, so they really just tell me to stay how I am. They’ll see where they’ll try and put me (on) the line at whatever school I go to.”

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