Official Kansas City Royals Thread



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May 26, 2005
Hopefully I'm not the only one on the

According to multiple reports KC lists resigning Hosmer as a far more important goal than resigning Moose. Sad to see this group break up but that time has come in KC.
Let’s bring on the long season of punishment ahead. Another long season coming up for the Royals, with lots of question marks around our rotation depth and bullpen. I’m optimistic with the small-ball and overall team speed approach taken in the offseason though. Really like the potential of some of our young guys as well, like Hunter Dozier and Brett Phillips. Billy Hamilton was a decent offseason pickup for the outfield. We still have Whit (for now).

Wife and I are planning a trip from Chattanooga out to KC here in early April. Excited to watch a few games out there. Go Royals! Let’s try not to lose 100 this year! Let’s see if there are any other Royals fans on here....
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Well boys, tomorrow it begins. Let’s start the year off right by beating the Sox. Go Royals!

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