Offensive Coordinator candidates

It has to be a Heupel system trained coach. If not Heupel, calls all the player he he hires a specialist for the offense.
Kevin Decker

5000 passing yards
2340 rushing yards
58 passing TD’s
21 rushing TD’s

Over 7k yards & almost 80td’s (totally different level, but their talent is same level as who they play)

Also has experience as a TE coach

With Heupel’s system

Seems like a good coach to bring on staff in some capacity. Not sure he'd be ready for our OC role yet. He'd get at least a $100,000 pay raise just to be a position coach here.
It’ll be Hazle. I know it’s Heupel’s system, but I’d be interested if Hazle or someone else if hired would have some different looks in the run game.
Personally think Elarbee over Halzle if Heupel goes with an internal option.

Elarbee has called plays before as an OC. Halzle has not.
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Randy Sanders with Eric Locke as the WR/TE coach. The 2 yard wide receiver screen needs to make a comeback in Knoxville. Locke also has terrific recruiting experience.

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