Offensive Coordinator candidates

I might have bought the notion that Heupel could go to Oklahoma if they remained in the Big 12 where the path to the playoffs was easier. However now that they are coming to the SEC along with Texas, I don't see what advantage they hold over us to make CJH leave and start over just because he played there. That's a lateral move at best. Going "home" isn't always what it's cracked up to be. Just ask Scott Frost.
Rescue Jeff Lebby from Oklahoma’s sinking ship.
I wouldn't mind that. There's a history so the transition would be smoother than most. Wonder how his recruiting is? Know that's probably not such a big deal for coordinators, but I really prefer everyone down to the ball boys to be great recruiters. We can never have too many recruiters. Since he's an OL, maybe he'd have us under center instead of the shotgun when we need a yard or two when the game is on the line? Would be nice.
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