NSD Celebrations

Jan 30, 2019
My wife and I plan to be at the Applebee's in Oak Ridge to celebrate the Vols signing class tonight. Would love for some of you guys to come down and join us. Hoping to begin a new NCAA football couple's discussion group around here. As my wife was grinding homemade sausage this morning, we spent some time studying the Vols past recruiting classes. This is the best class since having the #5 class in 2015. This is truly a class to be celebrated. The riblets will be hot and the Stella Artois will be flowing. Please join us around 7:30.
On a side note, I posted a thread yesterday asking some questions about our defensive blitz packages this past season. For whatever reason, it was moved to a board called "The Pub". Nobody ever answered my question, and I'd like to get some clarity on the subject.

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