Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2022-2023

Villanova, outside of siegrist, just isn’t good. I really like. they don’t know how to score if she isn’t.

Yeah Miami is just way more athletic across the board. Especially at the guard spots the Villanova guards can’t get past them at all and cannot guard them on the other end.

Everyone talking about the Lady Vols getting an easy draw but I think Novas was easier. Don’t think they could have beaten Toledo.

I have always liked Katie Meier. She always speaks really highly of Pat and really admired her. Her teams always play hard and are well coached glad to see them having some success.

This game was over at Halftime. Villanova can’t put up enough points to come back from down 20.

9 seed in the Elite Eight is rare for the women’s tourney. Should give the Lady Vols a little extra confidence. This tournament has been on for the lower seeds!
Nova forcing the ball to Maddie these last 6 mins really hurt them. She’s like 8 of 25 and she’s still shooting.

She’s trying to draw the foul instead of just going up with it. Flinging it around wildly and the Miami players are just straight up.

Big win for Miami! Awesome for their team.

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