Non-Lady Vol Basketball News 2022-2023

I wouldn’t go against any team right now. Ole Miss beat Stanford, and Miami just beat Indiana! Nobody is safe!

For sure. The tourney is about matchups tho. Personnel wise, that was a really bad matchup for Indiana. It was also Mac Holmes first game back since the BIG 10 tourney. Ole Miss was a bad matchup for Stanford. Clash of styles.

Utah doesn't have an athletic big (or the size) to contain Angel or LaDazhia Williams. Miami is the only team that can match their athleticism 1-5.
Idk, Utah can really play. I think that will be a close contest. LSU can have issues finding scoring at times. Especially if Morris is having an off night.

Point well taken. Admittedly, I haven't watched Utah that much this year. The game is also at a neutral site, which could make it more interesting.
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