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i agree. pili has shown night in and night out she can hang with any post player, no matter the size. she’s tough, definitely one of my favorites who isn’t wearing tennessee orange.

Analysts apply the term three-level scorer far too loosely to far too many players. Pili is one of the few who fully qualifies as one.
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Wow: OSU wins it a second or two left after a major rally by UNC late. The Heels were down by 10 with about 3/3.5 minutes left and their best
player just leaving the game with a leg injury. But they came roaring back and I thought they'd win it. Couple of dubious calls against UNC in the last minutes--but questionable calls are almost a given in women's BB.
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I'm thinking the Big 12 could be out of the sweet sixteen after tonight. Texas losing by 14 to Louisville could come back in that one. Oklahoma vs UCLA think UCLA will win. Baylor loses to UConn that would finish that league in the tourney.

Big 12 just wasn’t that tough. Their tournament was really under whelming. Toledo best the Big 12 champ.
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Watching a bit of the Villanova game. Maddiy Seigrist just had her 36th consecutive game with 20+ points. Something that I don’t ever remember seeing before, but she has been the leading scorer in every single game for Villanova this year. Every team that prepares for an opponent knows to take away the other team’s top scorer, yet, she’s been the leading scorer in every. single. game.

Note: Something that has been driving me crazy this past weekend was all the missed layups across numerous games, some which cost their team the game, such as Drake, Stanford, & UNC. MS just went in for an uncontested layup in a game that isn’t that close, and she treated it like the game was on the line.


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