Nick Castellanos hits HRs at the worst times!



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Jun 11, 2012
If you haven't heard of this, Nick Castellanos has the worst luck. He's infamous for hitting a HR a few years ago during an on-screen apology by commentator Thom Brennaman, who got caught on a hot mic using a slur, and subsequently fired. Video here of that.

Apparently, Castellanos has been on a ridiculously unlucky streak of hitting HRs during the worst times. Here are several examples of them, all since 2020:
  1. HR during Thom Brennaman apology for anti-gay slur
  2. Fernando Tatis got injured during a game, Castellanos hits a HR same inning
  3. HR during the on-air eulogy of 96-year-old war veteran and father of Royals 26-year equipment manager
  4. HR on 9/11
  5. Is at bat during a very long statement about the Royals pitching coach Nick Walker's DUI, then hits a single, his first hit as a Phillie.
  6. Hits a HR immediately after a statement about a special vacant chair in SF for American Gold Star Mothers "Honoring those who made the ultimate sacrifice"
  7. Hit a HR against the Braves on the same day as a very long on-air eulogy for the untimely death of longtime Braves PA announcer Casey Motter.
Here is a video compilation of many of these.

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