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Serenity now, insanity later
Apr 7, 2015
I dunno how about a hurricane while you listen to Rock You Like a Hurricane by the Scorpions. OK bad joke.

So about 30 years ago I'm down on the Gulf Coast and a hurricane is moving in. Local radio DJ is doing his show and also taking calls for music requests and for info regarding hurricane preparation. Guy calls in and asks him to play that song. DJ loses it and starts yelling at the caller. Never quite understood why, I thought it was pretty funny and I was living in a beach front townhouse waiting for my 280Z to float away. (Best part is that hurricane jigs to the east and hits Apalachicola instead. So I go out the next day and played golf in 45 mph winds. Hit the longest drive of my life that day, 345 yds thanks to the wind.)
This sounds amazing!
And like an Eastbound and Down episode.
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