New QB Commit- Tayven Jackson


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Sep 23, 2009
Huepel recruited Milton here. Tells me he believes he can better develop his game. Milton is getting roasted on here by lots of people. He can flat out sling it...deep/short/intermediate on a line. He has great mobility. He started forcing passes and making mental mistakes as the season went on last year. Michigan is a very dysfunctional program with an old school tempered HC....a lot like Pruitt. Harbaugh has lots of shortcomings and the wheels are coming off for him. There offense has struggled in lots of games against teams is shouldn't have. Even before Milton got the starting job. I think they are even getting a new OC or shuffling the offensive staff after last season. They had the #78 total offense in 2019 and #68 in a real short season. Milton did play bad last season....but he has the athletic tool set to be really good. Maybe Heupel can help him with the accuracy and cerebral part of his game.
I'm with you. I'm very excited to see what Heupel does with Milton. The dude can absolutely launch a football, and hopefully, just needs some quality coaching.


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Sep 3, 2018
He beat Bama 3 out of four years and both bama and florida in 2003. Not many TN QB's can say that. His away record was 14-1 (He just didn't choke.....Ice Man). ;)
His only flaw........he couldn't throw a screen pass (with touch) for crap. The only good screen pass he ever threw went for a TD against UGA, in 01'. Then Fulmer had a brain fart, and pooch kicked.
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