Need Rowdy Reptiles to be their best tonight



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Jan 10, 2012
LSU got basically a "bye" in the rowdy crowd department Saturday morning at Alabama. Both the Tide team and their fans were basically asleep most of the game. Hosting the #1 team in the league and they were not very excited at all. Let LSU get away with a win there that should have been alot tougher. Im glad Bruce Pearl and Auburn beat their a$$ last night. They deserved it after the lack luster effort Saturday vs LSU.

Tonight the Florida team and crowd better be at their best. This is their play-in game basically. I dont see them in the NCAA with 3 straight reg season losses at the end (they will lose Sat in Lexington). If they can beat LSU that will remove some of the awful taste of losing to GA Saturday, give them two wins over LSU this year and probably saves their year. Does anyone know where Anthony "Tiger Tony" Jordan is tonight?

Speaking of crowds, the Ole Miss crowd was alittle subdued last night vs Kentucky from what I saw as compared to last weeks Tennessee game. If the crowd vs Tennessee was a 10, I'd rate the Ole Miss crowd an 8 last night from what I saw. Maybe the lost to Tenn and Ark last week brought their fan base to reality alittle.

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