‘23 NC WR Nathan Leacock (Tennessee commit)


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Nov 7, 2019
Seriously, what does a WR have to do to be a 5*? Forget 4* bump, how is he not a 5*?
He definitely is a player. I believe had he been one of those guys that liked the whole recruiting process and went to all these camps he would be top 150 already. Glad he is all Vol. In CHRIST Alone


Aug 1, 2011
“When I saw him previously you could see the tools and the traits. I think there was room for improvement in terms of the playmaking ability and finishing ability. I think he is getting progressively better. I think Tennessee got a steal. He went from a mid to high 3-star into the top-200 which is a big jump for a wide receiver because it’s such a loaded position.”

-On3 Director of Scouting and Rankings, Charles Power, on bumping Leacock to a 4* and #146 overall.


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Oct 10, 2014
First time watching the kids tape.
Also compared his tape to his former teammate Wesley Grimes (2022 4*)
Seem like he went head 2 head with Noah Rogers and his team lost. Leacock only a handful of grabs.

What I see:
- Big kid that is a natural runner- this means he will get faster in college. He's very good after the catch for a 6'2-6'3 type player. Strong lower body. Does have good field speed and can run away once momentum is going. Probably 4.55 guy? But gets faster as he runs. Has run a 10.98 100 meter this season. That speed shows on film once he breaks open in the field.
- Strong hands- plucks it right out of the air.
- More aggressive blocker than his former teammate Wesley Grimes.
- Plays with enthusiasm. He's having fun out there.

Needs work in the routes department.
Needs to tuck the ball away and get up field better (quicker)

Yeah he's a take for sure. Perfect for our offense. because of his yac ability and blocking.
Wouldn't be suprised if gets a 4th star before it's done.
Great eval by the coaches!
Great job by On3 for "being aware".👍

None of our fans could have guessed he would get bumped to a 4 star...

Not ONE! 😁
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