'21 NC RB Jaylen Wright (Tennessee commit)


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Nov 26, 2012
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Oct 6, 2004
This looks like fun I want to play too -

Speed is relative -

The 40 yard dash doesn’t exactly tell you how fast a guy is. I mean, yeah, it tells you how fast he can run 40 yards but there are a number of variables involved. Running on grass or turf isn’t exactly the same as running on a high tech track. The most important aspect to me of the 40 yard dash is it is more like a measure of acceleration. There are 36.576 meters in 40 yards and that’s just around the distance it normally takes a sprinter to reach top speed. The chart below is a German analysis of Usain Bolt’s world record time in the 100 meters. The record time was 9.58 seconds but later that year Bolt ran a 150 meter sprint so he had a running start for the back 100 meters and he clocked 8.70 seconds for that back 100.

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In terms of meters/second just looking at Wright’s 55m, 60m, and 100m times, he’s getting faster the farther he runs on a meters/second basis, which is what you would expect.

I created curves to compare Evan Berry’s 2013 Class 5A Ga state championship time (10.54) to Wright’s personal best as listed on Athletic.net (10.85), his outdoor time from last year, to Anthony Schwartz, junior WR at Auburn (10.07), who claims to be the fastest guy in college football, to Ty Chandler's school record at Montgomery Bell Academy (10.83), to Jalin Hyatt’s best time on Athletic.net (10.46), to Usain Bolt’s world record time (9.58) all for the same distance of 100 meters. I have no way of accounting for track differences or any other variable.

I should note that it’s my understanding that Bolt wasn’t considered the best accelerator but when he got up to speed he was going to blow your doors off. Anyway, I used the same relative acceleration rate for the other guys as I had for Bolt so I could create the curves. Obviously this is flawed because the analysis done for the Germans suggests Bolt’s 40 time would be 4.34 seconds and Jalin Hyatt was clocked at 4.31 in the 40 at the opening regional in 2018. To the best of my knowledge right now, Jalin Hyatt is the fastest guy on our team and, you can quote me on this, he very well likely would have beat Usain Bolt in a 40 yard race when Bolt was in his prime. Of course Bolt would have slaughtered him in a longer race but so what? Around here it's all about the 40.. jmo.

My conclusion is that once he gets up to speed Jaylen Wright is probably about the same speed as Ty Chandler and Jalin Hyatt is perhaps a bit faster than Evan Berry. jmo.

None of this answers the question of exactly what is Jaylen's 40 time but in a head to head matchup my money is on Jalin. jmo.

Edit to add: For every one of these guys, once they get past the first 40 yards, they're running the next 40 yards in sub 4 seconds.

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View attachment 288181

One more edit to add another chart:

Theoretical example of splits for 40 yard dash based on NFL combine first movement timing with electronic splits.

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Sep 7, 2011
Listed on the SEC Spotlight: Three-stars to watch
Wright said after a visit to Tennessee earlier this offseason that he “just knew” that it was the right fit for him, and he’s been committed since late March. Of Tennessee’s 23 commitments, four are currently from the state of North Carolina. Wright is a powerful back from North Carolina who can also catch the football. The state has been good to the Vols in years past, and it must remain a priority.

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