'26 NC OT Leo Delaney

“That visit was really nice,” Delaney said of his time on Rocky Top. “It was my first time up there, so I loved seeing their stadium. It holds over one-hundred thousand people, so that was crazy to see and stand on the field of. I loved spending time with all of their coaches. Coach Elarbee, Coach Heupel, I just had a great time spending the day around them and building those relationships.”

“I like the demeanor he has where it seems like he knows so much about the game,” Delaney said of the Tennessee offensive line coach. “He has so much to teach about the game and is someone who can really take you and maximize your potential.”

“He has told me that he likes my game, and there is always stuff to work on,” Delaney said. “That is something I like to hear. There are so many coaches out there that will tell you what they like about you, but I want to see how you can coach me and see what I can do wrong and how I can fix that.”

“We went over how they run it during the Junior Day,” Delaney said. “They really like to attack every weakness they can find in the defense. They were talking about attacking the open field. They do everything out of an offensive line standpoint. They pull, they do different pass pros, I mean they do every base offensive lineman scheme you could need at the next level, and that really stood out to me. They talked about how their quarterbacks only back up to seven yards, which really helps the tackles, because you are not having to protect the quarterback back at 12 yards.”


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