'25 NC OT David Sanders

Hes trolling OSU today throwing up VOL signs on their campus. You dont accidentally make a VOL sign...your thumb and ring finger dont just accidentally make a circle. Thats an intentional movement that feels a little awkward honestly...and I have worked with my hands all my life. I have excellent manual dexterity...


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Pick: Tennessee
This is shaping up to be a Tennessee vs. Ohio State. Georgia has always been in this, and still are, but coming out of official visits, Tennessee has created the most buzz. It is tight between the Vols and the Buckeyes.
-Chad Simmons
Pick: Ohio State
I keep going back and forth here between Tennessee and Ohio State. I could see either. But coming off the visit to the Buckeyes I like where the Big Ten powerhouse stands. Sanders likes OSU’s track record of player development, fits in with the commits and players on the team. An aspiring sports medicine major with an eye on orthopedics, Sanders got a chance to spend a lot of time over at the hospital talking with doctors. He likes OSU’s strength and conditioning and nutrition program. Buckeyes are checking all the boxes here. Sanders is expected to turn off his phone over the next week and talk with his family about the wave of official visits they took which also included Clemson, Georgia, Nebraska and South Carolina.
Steve Wiltfong just doesn't want us landing Sanders. To bad though lol. Worst kept secret for quite a while and he's still in denial about it. Unreal
Yeah, he speaks like we don't have a med school/Hospital next door and our S&C and Nutrition is elite... You don't think if he wanted to speak to our Sports Med Docs we wouldn't make them available?
I may be wrong, but it feels like since Steve made the move to ON3 he is much more charged with drumming up drama than just being the end all be all of insider info like he was at 247.
AP Just posted basically same thing I said here lol.

Those type pieces are meant to move the needle and get people talking, which is exactly what it did.
When we add Sanders to this class, our offensive line over the next few years is going to be the best we've had since the 90's. These 2024 and 2025 OL classes are fantastic.
Yep Sanders at LT after Heard, Sham at LG, Moore or Satterwhite at Center, Utu at RG, Warren at RT. That’s a wall

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