'21 NC OT Colby Smith (Tennessee Commit)


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Apr 29, 2005
He’s not a prospect that these coaches “hope” can make the transition to OT...hence not the Butch era “project”. He needs some physical buildup...ideally so did Morris. No one knew who the eff Kenneth George was. He barely played high school football and didn’t immediately play in JUCO. He had to build his body up with the help of his brother via gym membership and walk on at a JUCO after trying out. He was a BODY that we prolly don’t even look at without the desperate state of things that Pruitt inherited, but Pruitt did his homework and saw an athlete he could do something with. You need to go back in message board time and reconsider what our expectations were with him. Marcus Tatum and Niehaus were BOTH 240 poundish...totally different animals than your zoo.
I don't understand why we see comparing him to players that were 240 pounds? He is so tall and long that it makes his weight even out. So, yes, ideally he probably needs to play at like 320 so he needs some good weight. But that poster comparing him to kids that were 240 pounds coming into college is a reach.


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Jan 25, 2015
Big fan of the “bad competition” angle. Herschel Walker played against bad competition...he made it even worse competition. Leighton Vander Esch played 8 man football...in IDAHO! You’re good or you ain’t and you fail if you discount the player because of the competition he faces.
🤣 HW comment is funny.

Imo a small discounting is fine and understandable. The same reason (inversely) we put a premium on winners in top Georgia, UF, Texas ball. But, as I'm sure your point was, placing a huge discount a la Gucci is just plain ignorant.

Makes me think of Trey Smith playing in bfe West TN ball. Similar to the upcoming stud QB Simpson. The poor competition narrative is already going with him too.


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Nov 29, 2017
The constant drooling over Miami players every time we pl̶a̶y̶ beat them is nauseating.
The whole 1985 season featured the national media drooling over Miami, especially Testaverde. I expected anyone who wasn't a diehard Miami fan got tired of it. It sure sweetened that 1986 Sugar Bowl, though!

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