'21 NC DE Isaac Washington


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Nov 14, 2009
All I’m saying is they had a plan going into the season. That plan was dictated by outside circumstances. Whether or not you agree with the plan is one thing. But acting like the coaches are blind and don’t know football is ludicrous. You don’t think CJP knows what winning football looks like? Ok. Their plan didn’t work out - no arguing that - and they’re adjusting by trying to get the other QBs ready. That’s not carrying water for them, it’s just the current situation.
This is the part I take exception with. Every team had a plan. The ones I mentioned, and I'm sure there are plenty of other examples across the country...those just came directly from our conference, they all had contingency plans. It seems like Pruitt's plan was Guarantano, or bust.

I'm not suggesting Pruitt doesn't know football. I never said that. I said that his staff seems to be below par on the offensive side of the ball in comparison to their peers in this conference. Would you argue that Will Friend is an elite, or even really good OL coach, at this point? What about Chris Weinke at QB coach? Neither of those guys seem to have their kids prepared to play winning football. Do they "know football"? Sure they do. They just aren't cutting it for a team that envisions itself at the top of the toughest conference in college football.

COVID and unfortunate circumstances aren't unique to Tennessee football. Every program has had to navigate those waters, this year. You and I have had to navigate them. And like I said before, even if that is a valid excuse, it isn't one our fans want to hear from the podium from our $4 million head coach. Just take the blame on yourself, make changes to fix the problems, and get it done.
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Nov 12, 2018
Actually teams have been pretty inconsistent across the board - unless you’re uga/ua/clemson that is.

But my reply was to the comment that Pruitts recruits aren’t being developed. That ‘18 class was a wash for obv reasons. His first real class was ‘19 and they’re only sophomores and they had no offseason so kinda hard to judge their development no?
A good example of that is Florida. Mullens recruits at UF have done jack. Almost all of their playmakers have been guys Mac recruited.


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Nov 20, 2017

Mizzou is the only one that supports your point. But even then, maybe Bazelak didn’t miss much time in camp due to Covid. So he was able to take more snaps to prepare.

UGA is on their 4th string QB. He’s only playing ahead of Mathis bc Mathis got the first shot and was horrendous. Also he’s a JR. And he’s not that good - he’s just surrounded by talent and an elite D that takes the pressure off of him (except when they play Bama apparently. Clemson and OSU would rock that D as well.)

South Carolina didn’t go “find a kid” off the street to replace their starter. Collin Hill literally has been running Mike Bobo’s (their new OC) offense for 4 years at Colorado St before following his HC to SC. Hill is by far the QB that is most familiar with that offense on their roster.
Not really impressed by ballsack @ Missouri. Doubt he’s a world beater. Gets to hot in the summer, shrivels up in the winter. Not a winning combination


Sep 7, 2011
Also, defensive line commitment Issac Washington might be in town. Washington said earlier this week he was solid to the Vols after the departure of Jimmy Brumbaugh citing his trust and relationship with Pruitt and Ansley. Washington is not having a senior season as North Carolina will not play football until the spring.


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Aug 16, 2010
right now, sitting at 2nd to last place in SEC. some might take that.

Last year we had one of most serviceable and productive lines in SEC. Nothing changed except the coach. The talent is there.
Productive against Vandy, Mizzou, UK. We have literally no player on our defensive roster that other teams have to actively game plan for. Mayyyyybe HT...

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