Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) Lady Vols Basketball



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Oct 6, 2020
For me it is becoming a lot like MLB (and other pro sports). At one time (yes I am old) I was foolish and thought MLB players had a lot of allegiance to their team but I was fine with free agency since I thought players should get paid more. With so many players now basically going to the highest bidder I realize they have VERY little allegiance to the “team” but have some allegiance to their teammates but most of their allegiance is to the big bucks. I think college sports-football, men and women basketball is rapidly transitioning to that mindset (at least at the major schools).

Coach Kellie has stated the number 1 question recruits have is about NIL. That indicates to me that in general their number 1 allegiance is to the money. If I was in their situation I would probably feel the same way. Just like any job offer there are other considerations such as location, how does the family feel about it, etc.. If they attend 1 school for 4 years they will probably acquire some degree of allegiance to the school.

Just like MLB I am a fan of a team/school and I respect what the players did while at my team but my allegiance to the players is down since I feel like they are becoming mercenaries, especially with the transfer portal playing a role along with the NIL.

Just my feeling.
Why doesn't the mlb have salary cap? story online. MLB has no hard cap they have a luxary tax. If a mlb speads more than cap three years in row team is taxed. All this in story i started this post with. Now for nfl, nhl, nfl they take set % of profits give owners and players agree share. I missed nba put nfl twice.
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