'25 MS WR Caleb Cunningham

I hate that according to Google Maps, he will have to drive through Starkville and Tuscaloosa on his trips to Knoxville.
hopefully those trips look something like this:

Tennessee continues to swing at several out-of-state receivers. Caleb Cunningham is expected in town on Monday, and Travis Smith is expected in town next Saturday. These two are both looking to learn more about the Vols offense during their visit. They both have strong relationships with Kelsey Pope they will also look to build upon.
Reminds me of Julio Jones High School highlights.
Reminds me of Juan Jennings. Would love to have him in orange.

He has a lot of elite attributes:

+ Ability to beat jams.
+ Hands and Concentration.
+ Competitiveness.
+ High pointing ability.
+ Red zone weapon.
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