'25 MS WR Caleb Cunningham (Alabama commit)

I was referring to his overall record as a coach in CFB. He didn’t just do that stuff at UT lol.

I don’t care if you don’t like him. And for the record I was also against him coming back to Knoxville in 2021 after Beldar Cornbread was let go. He had his chance.

He’s still a good coach. Arrogant or whatever he may be, he’s still a good on the field coach.
thats a fair point.

i definitely think he is a good coach. just never understood the way our fans treat his tenure here as some lost golden age.
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Tennessee: “They definitely stand high,” Cunningham told Volquest earlier this month. “They have always stood high. The way they stay in touch with me every day and seeing how I am doing. They have a great coaching staff, great people, great receivers coach and great head coach. They have great everything. They have a good quarterback room. It is a great place. Why not come here?” - Simmons
Bold call imo
@Mrpeabody8888 has good info, but in contrast I have heard that Cunningham, while obviously being a take, isn't as high on the board in that top tier as Smith and Ffrench. I'm not sure any of those 3 are "likely," and I know Meadows LOVED his trip and has Marcus Nash and Ced Tillman's father in his ear.

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