Monica Abbott is USA ace, again



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May 4, 2019
After an unexpected loss to Canada in the semifinals, the USA softball team won their final two games to win the gold at the Pan Am games. A former English 101 student of mine, Monica Abbott, pitched all of both games, giving up a solo homer in each, but little else, to seal the deal.

"LIMA (Reuters) - The Pan Am Games medal podium is no place for politics, United States softball gold medalist Monica Abbott said on Sunday after two [athletes] used award ceremonies to stage protests. . . . “One thing that makes the U.S. great is that we have this ability to have freedom in a lot of different things, it is a founding principle in our country — freedom of speech, freedom of religion,” Abbott said during the Games closing news conference on Sunday. “But as an athlete it is our opportunity to put differences aside whether they’re political, they’re athletic, to whether it is the way we look to put those aside to celebrate something that can bring the world together. That is what sport is about. That is what I think the Olympic and Pan American vision is about, bringing people together.”

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