'24 MO DL Williams Nwaneri (Mizzou commit)

Geez man. Relax. You skips be used to guys being really high on places they visit. Did you think teams were not gonna recruit him hard anymore? It was ALWAYS gonna be a fight yo get and keep him.
Its the NIL factor. TAMU has deep pockets.

We'll be fine. But, i'm not gonna lie.

I'm ready to not judt beat Bama, TAMU by a FG. Its time for blood.
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7-5. and 8-4 yearly. . . the other one hasn't won anything since our stud of a HC took them to the natty
Heup played at Oklahoma... not a Texas school. Texas last won a title after that. Js

Oklahoma won it in 2000 and texas won it in 2005.
So yeah I'd say none of that helps us. They've been more competitive over the last 20 years than us and won a title after us. So....
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